Monday, 19 August 2019

What the ocean teaches us?

If you happen to live in the city of lights i.e. Karachi or ever visited this metropolitan city you Must have visited anyone of the beaches the city is famous for.

I went to Mubarak village recently. It is an engrossing place for two reasons. The road leading to the place ahs some interesting developments going on and secondly people get a chance of fishing or snorkeling.

However, I don't plan to write about how cool the place is. Or how exciting my visit was. Someother day may be.

What I do intend to write about is the mystique things I learnt that day, things "no one ever told me" 🙂
So, here you go:

1: Whatever is yours will come back to you

 Why I say this? Well here's why,
 A simple shoe was lost, And it came  back to us! With the high tide! Not once, but twice.
 I'm sure none of us thought about it this despite seeing countless picture narrations on old book classics, like that of, boys playing football with the sea!!! The sea, the waves throw things back at us!

2: Don't run after what is lost

Things which weren't ours never came to us. So I'm guessing the ocean was spilling beans on the lines of turning in the illusion i.e. don't follow the mirage! 

 3: Don't chase something which is slipping away 

If you are witnessing a loss. Try and save yourself. Minimize the damage but don't go overboard and destroy yourself in the process.

4: A good conversation by the seaside has no alternative

Well, this one is sans phrase.  Has no explanation. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Grabber pe Pakoray (Fritters on Grabber)

“A.C.nahi chal raha kia!” I asked as I entered the tandoor (resident’s room :P)

“ayein, ayein Dr sahiba ap b khayein”

“kia” I asked while breaking away extra plaster from my dental model (not the actual ramp wali model ! of course)

“Ye…..cake” somebody managed to clear the clutter around a smudged chocolate mousse cake which tried maintain its integrity like the Notre Dame but was destroyed to be Chand Nawab nevertheless.

Me: “Plate hai?”

“Plate ki zarorat apko aglay saal nahi pare gi INSHAALLAH”

Me: “Kyun”

“B.C.Qs ayein gay ab part 2 mein” ek adad first year resident responded beaming with joy.

ME: “Toh…?”

“wo articles se ayein gay to ap ki grabber, profit faaltu hungi, plate bannein gi ab barri ho k”
Everybody started laughing quite hysterically……

 I had a quick glance at everyone falling off their chairs and secured the biggest slice of the cake destroyed like a Colosseum, in my plastic ka dabba and delved in the creamy, soft, fluffy sponge of this heavenly delight.

“Acha toh kitaabein nahi parhni waqai mn ? aaap batayein” I asked a zindagi se bezar senior.

“No, you’ll have to read them, of course, why wouldn’t you?”

“haan zahir hai, grabber pe pakoray rakh k khanay se to rahay” I spilt some pearls of wisdom while licking the cream off my sleeve.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Khichhdi in Jannat (Risotto in Heaven)

I was watching MasterChef Aus a couple of years ago when some contestant struggled in making a "Risotto" (sounding like George). I inquisitively asked a friend, "what's that?" 

The reply I got left me ROFL. 

"Ye italyion khichhdi hai"
(This is Italian Khichhdi)

The reason I remembered this "italiyon ki khichhdi" is ....

Yesterday Khi and Hyd were hit by a khoobsurat mausam and duststorm. I was travelling from Hyd to Khi and the highway had this Grand Canyon feel to it. But I was brought back to reality by the powerful lurch in my stomach which reminded me that I have had food poisoning and I'm still recovering from it. So, throwing the idea of pakora ( not the actual one) and halwa puri nashta outta window (the bus's window and my mind's window all at the same time) I tried thinking what can I eat in this weather. 

The answer amused me as it did in the past, "italiyon ki Khichhdi".....

 "Risotto! " I exclaimed (to myself of course! Who talks aloud to a bus full of sleeping beauties!! (and a few beasts) :p

This picture is not showing Risotto ofcourse, it depicts chai which I can still have! :)

Monday, 1 April 2019

Tears And Tantrums

Every passing year unfolds a thing or two which means something was missing in my life and it should be duly added. 

 2019 is, I believe, the yr of change or the metamorphosis. Something which gives me anxiety. What I do not wish it to be is the year of loss of loved ones. It scares me. Well I never knew that the change, scared me so much till end feb. Little did I know my birthday this year will be so eventful. And that I will loathe the whole process. I don't really know how to put it. At one point in time I was this adventurous soul taking decisions at the drop of a hat and by the end of the same day I was scared as a lil kitten. What the incident told me was we are who we are because handful of people influencing us, investing in us and contributing to our well-being. And our value is diminutive when those backstage characters are gone. Only tears remain. 

 We throw tantrums at our pillar of strength knowing that it won't backfire. At times we take this blessing for granted tills the tears roll in. 

 I believed that the "People are seasonal, Miracles are real" is true but it's the other way around when you hit thirtees. Now my biggest fear is the loss of loved ones with whom I've grown as they know you better. They can sense if something is wrong with you. And you need that kind of unconditional support. There's just so much I want to write about but I'm in a writing slump may be. There's so much on my mind right now. 

 Hope I recover.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Sympathy for Empathy!

In a moment of grief what you cannot do at times is to retort back at a person, what you Can do (and is more destructive I think) is that you don't forgive the person for who he/she was in that very moment. You simply can't convert your remorse into revenge so you mentally
1)  kill them
2) block out their presence
3) do not acknowledge them

Doing that does take a part of you away, emptying you .....But its important my dear.
Whenever you were bullying someone or manhandling a situation just remember you are creating a baggage for yourself or your kids/ parents/siblings to carry. The negative energy comes back at you in the most mysterious of ways.
Do not sympatheize with yourself,  empathize with others that is exactly what lasts. Walk in someone else's shoes every 15 days, you ll get
1) a taste of what others go through Or
2) what their journey is all about Or
3) you ll get the other side of the picture , the grey zone will be clearer.

The next time you kick someone's chair, shout at someone because YOU were in a tough situations or you just wanted to misbehave to take out your anguish, trust me you have created 1000 megawatt of negative energy coming your way, multiple times. You loose your worth just like that.

We wanted to make  Earth a better place some years ago, no?


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Last Straw (and the samosa :P)

"ortho saari zindagi ka rog hai"

I heard the gayan very respectfully while I munched on the expired and overpriced pattees in cpsp canteen. A senior was showering his pearls of wisdom on me and was trying to give me a heartache as a sidekick :p

So what should I do now? I asked with heart skipping a beat every min

You should start studying ....IMM nahi hua na ab tak? he tried scolding like a pri school teacher with maula bakhsh


"hmmm..... phir part 2 nahi dena tum ne! why are you wasting time"

I looked around and then looked back only to inform him that I am IN my final yr .....not done yet!

"ohh acha acha......phir aisa karo k articles parho...cases hgye?"

 " ...horhy.... hain" I replied as I squeeeeezed out the last two drops of ketchup

"jaldi kerlo....lagta h so rhi ho...."

By this time my patties and ketchup were finished and so was my sabr.
I retorted "ap k hgaye?"

He conveniently looked away and after inspecting the ceiling for about 5 min replied.... "horhy.... hain"

The conversation ended and so did my motivation for doing post-grad.

The truth is that the last year of ortho residency is a debacle, if I may say so. Trust me, it is the worst. You get bombarded with dissertation, cases, parhai ki tension (not the actual parhai) , to do or not to do ek adad article to satisfy your already dead ego, juniors ki stupidity ki waja se mili hui assignments and what not . All of a sudden you start getting things which your dumbhead mind failed to understand during the initial years of residency. You start getting ideas for your cases in your sleep! Yes, in sleep! of all the places.

It is a time when you are trying to land back on earth after flying high over the big fat hurdle of passing Intermediate exam. It is a time you realize you are worth ....well...ahem .....Nothing! :p
You feel lost  only to be found  by your unappointed patients of the day. It is also the year when you start hating the third molars (upper ones to be precise). It's the year of heartbreaks (both good and bad). In my chinese calender, it is the leap year with immense, sudden, unforeseen growth!

So, my two cents would be to grab a cuppa-tea (l'accent de british) and dig in the realm of books with infinite territories as soon as your crazy- lazy self can!

(Pic credits: Google)

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Five point someone--- what not to do in an orthodontic residency!

1) Do not teach Orthodontics to the patient:

Seriously it'll put you in hot water. They'll know when the midline is off, they'll know when the wire was to be changed. In short, they'll make your life miserable. Your worst fear will come true when they will point out that canine is not one. Yes!  it has happened, buddy! But sometimes it can be the opposite case. Some co-operative patients do tend to listen actually. But they are "atay mein namak k barabar" dude.

2) Keep nicknames a secret!

Nicknames are mandatory. How can you even survive those torturous four years without keeping secret names of Everyone! But but friend.... look out for the black sheep in the family (cum hospital). Keep those names sacred to your own heart. Keep them well- guarded. This treat is not for everyone to cherish. Some makhan marka attention seeker may reveal these to the victims actually. And then you know the consequences..... :-p

3) Do not miss any opportunity for hangouts or vacations:

Primarily, because you are human. Fall ill if you need to. But, go to the Roman holidays like those dare devils. Your residency will finish but the opportunity might not come back.

4) Under-estimating the power of Duas:

Do not look for a counselor or a healer you know yourself better than anyone else. But what you need to cling to is the dua s be it parents, a needy person, a friend in distress or a sad sibling. Just do not miss any sort of opportunity of helping others and gain some positive aura of your own. The road-side professional beggars do not count peeps!

5) Don't forget about exams!!!

Many of us, while struggling through our daily tasks, lose focus for the upcoming exam. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget that you have an intermediate exam (I.M.M) after two years and a barra haathi i.e. F.C.P.S II in the end. You have to study bit by bit every day or at least 3-4 days a week. Keep looking at the books and familiarize yourself with their names, chapters, and charts. In this way, my friend, you won't panic in the end, the darkness won't engulf you near the big day. Things will come to your mind out of no-where and you will be well prepared for your upcoming exam.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My last ride to Jason VIP !

My sister is right. At times like these, I actually forget that I am here (Karachi) for a bigger purpose (dentistry).So, my sister is shifting. And on my last ride to her residence, I felt like it's like the end of an era.

My thoughts will be most likely, appreciated by those of you who at some point in their lives have lived away from home. And during that period you have had craved home or something like your home away from home. The feel. Whether it be a friend or a hangout place or a coffee shop, grocery store, be it anything. We all look for a place akin to our house back in our hometown. A place where we enter and leave without obligations or responsibilities thrown in our way. Where we can just be. The place which is at its best your Narnia or your Mirror of Erised.

So, this house has seen me from weak, meager and miserable to astonishingly strong and successful (in some areas of course!). My first stomach lurching freelance project to my first blog, my imm exam and the night before it and the morning of the exam where it was raining soothingly when I left shivering with fear, to when I heard the good, bad and ugly of the news, this house has hosted me well. It has been my room of requirements so to say :P. My cinderella getaway where I could return late than the designated time.

The reality struck me that I won't be barging in this house anytime I want from now on, when I rung the doorbell and someone other than my sister or her husband showed up at the door. We were off to shift some of the leftover things. And it was then when it dawned on me that my very own T2F is gone :).

So, those of you reading this be a little kinder to people around you, especially those away from home as they are already fighting many battles that you don't know about. Keep everyone around you guarded and protected and covered in every other possible way. For someone, you might be the angel they are wishing for. Don't become a human for them :).

Monday, 30 October 2017

Pointers for Moms---- Some tooth related facts

These are a few common queries, which as a mom you might have if your child is teething. 
Also if you are a parent to a growing child you must know when to visit your dentist.

It's a checklist, go through the list and let me know if there is anything else I can help you all with :)

1- If your baby is having her/his milk teeth erupted then the gaps are good. There have to be gaps between teeth because milk teeth are smaller in size and when permanent teeth, which are bigger in size, will erupt they will eventually cover those spaces.

2- If your child is 7-8 or 7-9 yrs old and there is a gap between upper front 2 teeth in the center, Again! it is good and perfectly normal. This stage is called ugly duckling stage and by the time permanent canines (pointed teeth at the corner of the mouth) erupts, this space will close spontaneously.

3- Between 8-9, 8-10 yrs of age you might see that lower front teeth are crowded or you might experience "extra" or "the double teeth" as some people would call it. The reason behind this is when permanent teeth begin to erupt, they erupt behind the milk teeth and then come forward. If there is a delay in milk teeth falling and permanent tooth eruption you might experience this. Don't worry just visit your dentist. And you will be informed that whether or not the milk teeth need to be extracted.

4- If any of the milk teeth are lost before 6 yrs or it needs extraction, inquire your dentist about the need of a space maintainer. Or more appropriately visit an orthodontist just to be sure. The space maintainer is mandatory in certain conditions where you want to save the space for permanent teeth which are yet to erupt. Otherwise, space will be lost and teeth will be stuck inside the bone.

5- The age of the first ever orthodontic visit averages 8-10 yrs for a girl and 9-11 yrs for a boy. If you feel that upper teeth are behind lowers you will probably want to visit in 7-8 yrs for girl/boy both. 
(These ages are for local Pakistani population)

6- As soon as your baby turns 1 and has already started taking solids and teething just wipe the mouth of your baby with those flexible finger brushes or just with a finger, to begin with. 

7- Do not make a habit of giving your child sweetened milk or rooh afza or any juices before he/she sleeps with the bottle in the mouth. It will lead to tooth decay and all of the upper front teeth will turn black or they will decay. If the baby takes juices or any other sweetened juice, don't forget to rinse the mouth before they sleep. (this is for the babies older than 1.5yrs old)

If you face any of these situations, Don't Panic! Just visit a dentist!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

For Official Humans of Pakistan group!

At this late hr, when the world is fast asleep, I tried to peek into the inspirational world online. I am a regular follower of Humans of New York (HONY), Humans of Bombay and Pakistan.

Lately, I've been seeing a pattern on the Humans of Pakistan posts. Most of their posts are revolving around education...anything related to it. The hurdles one faced, breaking the glass ceiling effect etc. You name it and they have it. Now, I am not saying they are not inspirational enough. But if you look at the story telling lines of other groups and if you manage to notice; how they make intricate and beautiful little things, shine bright in the spotlight in a very powerful yet engaging conversational manner you'll understand what I am trying to say here.

The posts of HOP lack the naive nature of everyday acts of kindness. The smallest of the gesture which made your heart melt or the ones where your faith in humanity was restored, to say the least, are the kinds of posts they are lacking. I'll quote a couple of stories which I learned online and I wanted them to be brought to HOP platform in a very different way or maybe just the way they were shared as original.

A post was up on soulsis Pakistan (I hope I am naming the correct group) where 2 daughters and their mother were out for shopping. Their car engine broke down in the middle of the road. While the entire traffic was busy honking and making an already anxious group of ladies more miserable, a guy came up fixed their engine, told them about the nearest car workshop and made sure they were safe on board again. When this story was posted with the candid picture of the guy and a thank-you note, somehow the real guy who helped saw it and responded. Now, I badly wanted someone should do a retro version of the event with the guy s perspective. That should have been a hell of an inspiration to our youth, which is unfortunately under a hormonal surge, and feel it necessary to pass a cheesy comment every now n then rather than helping like a gentleman. At least that's how I would have done it.

The second incident was when an acquaintance of mine lost two of their phones in cab, and the cab driver returned it and had to cross the entire city just to return the cell phones. This story does not sound inspirational enough until and unless you've had your phone snatched or accidentally lost it in a public transport and never found it again. The grief is impeccable. And for someone who relieves you of the agony, deserves a public applause in this fast and the furious era.

Another incident which has just popped in my mind dates back to 2005-2006. In my very own city, Hyderabad. A friend of mine had accidently hit an "Applied For Registration", a week old, brand new vehicle from the back ruining and smashing its rear. The uncle who owned it demanded a payback, which was quite obvious! And was agreed to be given so. He later that evening, showed up at the residence and told my friend's father that I've forgiven and won't take cash either. Upon asking what made him change his mind, he told the father that when you were told about the incident your reaction and your voice tone was such that you are in immense anger (which was quite obvious!) So, at that precise moment I felt that I don't know what you will say or do to your child. And I only knew that you will be harsh enough to cause a heartbreak. Your child is my child and, today is Shab barat ( the holy night in Shabaan) It is a night of forgiveness so I have forgiven and I expect you to do the same! These are the kind of posts I would like to be scalloped and brought to the plate.

Their posts are an inspiration, that is a big Yes! But there are several unlit areas where our unsung heroes reside and we need to bring out those hidden stories to the larger canvas as well.

I just hope I was able to effectively communicate what I genuinely felt. With lots and lots of heartwarming success wishes to the team of Humans of Pakistan!


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What goes around never surely comes around !

I am gonna start by asking all of you when was the last time you made a terrible terrible mistake at work? 

Got it?

 Eh? okay, think some more....

Now got it...?

 Yeah, I know how it felt. But I am gonna ask you, do you remember who rescued you? Somebody must have, either beautifully or in an ugliest possible way. So who was it? remember the relief, right? Or how you badly wished that someone rescued you and when they did, you felt lighter. Now, snap back in present time. How many of you plan to give the same feeling back to the society. When was the last time you forgave someone over something which caused you a fortune? When was the last time you "relieved" someone of their agony.... AND most importantly, did you do it without getting anything in return except the satisfaction of fulfilling your purpose as a human being.

……..when was it? If you can recall then I would like to give a standing ovation. Because most of us don't do that! And that is the precise reason why I chose my title for today. None of us make the effort to do something good as a return for all the good which was done to us or for us. It's high time we change our strategy! 

I believe in Karma. I also believe in the positive energy and that, it finds its way back to you no matter what part of the globe you go and hide in. There are some things you should do for self-satisfaction, giving back to the society is one. Whenever you felt overwhelmed by somebody’s kind gesture, kindly, immediately replicate it for someone else. Reciprocate the chance to change someone’s life, essentially a person who can do nothing for you in return. In this way, they won’t burden your soul with pride. Let your ego suffer a bit. You’ll feel the eternal sunshine enlightening your soul. C’mon! let's feed our scarred souls a bit and let this August be Ours!

On this 70th Birthday of our beloved country, I would like to give everyone an idea. An idea to start a vicious circle of peace, patience, and positivity. Trust the day you do it, you will be happy as a bee!

What the ocean teaches us?

If you happen to live in the city of lights i.e. Karachi or ever visited this metropolitan city you Must have visited anyone of the ...