Thursday, 5 November 2020

Things we don't know


We don't mourn the death of a dear one exactly.

 I know it sounds weird but let me elaborate. We don't mourn the death of a dear one exactly, what we do mourn is the loss of a connection, a human contact/interaction, the window to our past, the missing pieces to the puzzle of our lives. That's it. That's what we mourn and feel sad about when we hear or experience the loss/death of a near and dear one. 

Our soul misses the old times as it anticipates the future. Our subconscious mind drags us to all the long forgotten memories that we know exist but never have gotten time to cherish.

The places we couldn't got to visit, the memories we never were actually a part of physically and the most abstract concepts of our lives. All these things are lost when dear one is gone. And we mourn the whole package that person was. Not just a human it's the entire atom gone with all the sub-atomic particles. All the bonds lost and all the answers gone. The whole trajectory of your aura goes missing when you loose a certain intersection of your life's highway.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Diaries of An Orthodontic Resident 3

Some day in October, in a pre-covid era.

 Residents room.


“Reallyyyyyy??? No kidding, right? … hahahahaha”

Somebody walked in and started laughing with us Even before he was able to inquire the situation….. “kia hogaya bhaie….haha :S “

“Look what Dr sahiba has done!”

“ab kia kerdiya?” ek adad R7 senior tareen (not Jehangir Tareen) inquired.

A R6 resident responded: “Pehle aap batayen what do you have in your hand, ye konsi book hai? Graber ka 10th edition toh nahi agaya?”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..HAHAHA…..” and the walls shook with laughter again.

“ye mein CSS ki books dekh raha hun, aise he”; “ab batao kia hua”

R1 resident came forward laughing hysterically, “ye dekhein”. Showed a picture and some comments underneath. The picture had protruding incisors with extraction spaces showing.


The senior asked trying to, simultaneously, hide the CSS course books.

“Let me tell you” The mentor of R1 resident intervened. This one was barely keeping its sanity through the third yr of residency.

ABC was trying to use the open-coil spring, forgot to make anchorage unit. Now her anchorage is burnt and incisors flared.”

“hmm…understandable” No one was amused at the response of a sulking senior-tareen.

“aur pata hai what she was doing all this time?”


“ye scale se extraction space naap naap k khush thi k utne ki utni hai :P …..peechay molar ka haal he nahi pata ….LOL”

“molar Multan se chal k Khanewal pohncha hua” a Faisalabadi resident commented….

“uss se b agay ki jaga koi”

"Aur incisors Isloo?"

Hahahaha …..and the laughter ensued.

“And just the other day she discovered that she’s been retracting on a rectangular Ni-Ti instead of SS all along”

“Khair ye to mein b kerleta hun clinic mn wires bachany ko”

“And also at one time…..”

“Have you forgotten your own time, habit breaker ko kon Nance samajhta hai?”

“Aray wo to you said TPA……”

“Wo yaad h jab…..”

The first year resident quietly slid out of the room much like slipping out of OPD before time every day in a stealthy manner



Things we don't know

  We don't mourn the death of a dear one exactly.  I know it sounds weird but let me elaborate. We don't mourn the death of a dear o...